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When: August 15, 16 et 17th 2008
Where: Vulliens

Participants are dropped 2 Km from DZ and track straight, down wind, back to the Drop Zone.

The race « Suit » start 15 seconds after exit for 45 seconds, opening limit is 800 m/gnd.
The race Wingsuit start 15 seconds after exit for 90 seconds, opening limit is 1000 m/gnd.

Each participant would got a GPS tracker put at disposal by EPCO.
Back to the ground, after giving the GPS back, you got your results curves : Distance, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Ground Speed and track.

You can view previews event results and performance details in the Tracking Derby web site.

Jumps could be visualise with the Google Earth software which permit to see the performance in 3D !
Samples are available on Tracking Derby web site. Follow the Google Earth links!
Cost: We would ask you 8.-/jump for covering the cost of infrastructure.
What can I gain: The best result of both categories "Suit" and "Jumpsuit" got each 4 free jumps, courtesy of EPCO.
And more: If somebody make a new "Best Tracking Derby", (s)he would got 10 free jumps !
How many jump should I do: It's up to you ! You can do one jump or ... 20. (GPS device would be first give to people who have made less jumps.)
Past results : Discover the result of 2006 here and those of 2007 there!
         Acknowledgements       © 2003 Ecole de parachutisme de Château-d'Oex Sàrl, Les Grand-Prés, "Chalet Parenthex", 1660 Château-d'Oex