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The Ecole de Parachutisme de Château d'Oex (EPCO) was the first Swiss school offering all jumps at 4'000 meters/GND.

All foreign licenses from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) member countries are accepted. If the insurance coverage from the country of origin does no correspond to Swiss minimum standards, a temporary insurance will be required.

One exception - Swiss parachutists must have a Swiss license. If this is not the case, they are considered as students and must complete the tests and exams in order to obtain the Swiss license.

It is possible to rent equipment from EPCO. We have 20 rigs Javelin, Vector, Advance or Icon with Performances Design (Silhouette 170 - 230, Navigator 220-260), Basik (X-Fun 230) or Aerodyne (Solo 270) canopies. All of our equipment includes a Cypres or a Vigil.

Rental prices are:
Parachute with accessories:
(Jumpsuit, Altimeter, helmet)

20.- CHF/jump
or 60.- CHF/day   

For students and/or licensed skydivers
Altitude Price!
<1'500 m/sol (<5,000 ft/gnd) 25.00 CHF
1'501 - 2'500 m/sol (5,001 - 8'000 ft/gnd) 32.00 CHF
2'501 - 3'500 m/sol (8,001 - 11'500 ft/gnd) 38.00 CHF
>3'500 m/sol (>11'500 ft/gnd) 45.00 CHF

For teams of 4 to 8, the videoman's ride is free.

EPCO works with an account credit system. You start by "filling" your account with credit, then the price of jumps will be progressively deducted. In the case of big spenders, you get a bonus:
If you buy Then you get
1000 to 3999 CHF
4000 to 9999 CHF
Over 10,000 CHF
+5 %
+10 %
+25 %

Payments that have included a bonus are not refundable and can be used only to buy jumps.

Bank coordinates
You can pay your jumps on the 2 following account:

The Yellow account :
(Only from Switzerland)

Account : 45-664057-0
Owner : EPCO Sàrl
1660 Château-d'Oex
Post account :
(From foreign countries)
Bank : La Poste Suisse
Nordring 8 3030 Bern
Account : 45-664057-0
IBAN : CH58 0900 0000 4566 4057 0
Owner : EPCO sàrl
1660 Château-d'Oex

Don't forget to indicate your full coordinates and "why" you wire this monney !

Official codes
Thoses informations could be usefull :

VAT # : 410 370
IDE : CHE-108.834.618


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