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For those of you who want to discover the exciting sensation of freefall, we propose two options:

a)  Tandem jump
For a tandem jump, you'll be securely strapped in a harness to an instructor equipped with a two-person parachute. After leaving the plane at an altitude of 4'000 meters, you will freefall for 2'500 meters in a little less than one minute. At about 1'500 meters from the ground, your instructor will open the parachute and will encourage you to help maneuvre the canopy thanks to the double steering commands. After flying for about 5 minutes, he will assist you in a soft landing back on earth.

Tandem jumps can be done from April to October. The day begins on the dropzone at 8.30 in the morning and you should plan to remain for the day…
b) First Jump of the AFF (Accelerated FreeFall)
The AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) is a training consisting of seven jumps that a student goes through in order to learn how to skydive alone. If you'd like to experience more than a tandem but are not ready to do the whole course, then we propose that you simply do the first jump of the AFF. Departing the plane at 4'000 metres, you will have your own parachute and are held during freefall by two instructors. You are responsible for opening the parachute and are coached through the landing by radio assistance.

Afterwards, if you liked as much as we know you will, you can choose to continue the AFF training in order to obtain your parachutist license. The price of the first AFF jump will be deducted from the AFF course price.

For this jump, it is necessary to plan one/two evening of theory and one complete day (more theory & the jump). It is recommend to select a date which coincides with already scheduled AFF training courses, please see the Jump Agenda.
  • The minimum age for the First Jump AFF is 15, and the maximum age is 55.
  • There is no strict weight limit.
    However, this jump does require good physical condition.
    If in doubt, consult the office.

If you would like to keep a memory of this incredible experience, don't forget to ask for a video! Within ten days of your jump, you'll receive an USB stick by Post including - your jump preparation, plane ride, the fantastic minute of freefall and your landing - to share with all of your friends.


Tandem Jump: 430.- CHF
First Jump AFF : 650.- CHF
Video : 120.- CHF

When a group of 10 people registers, then the 11th (you?) gets to jump for free.


  • To sign up now, download our registration forms in PDF, fill them and mail them back to us:
    Tandem Jump (120 K)
    First Jump of AFF (50 K)

  • Or register online through our securised site ...


If you would like to offer a jump as a gift to a friend or family member, please Contact Us for Gift Certificate information!
or order it online on our securised site...


  • I've register by mail and I got no answer. How to know when I would jump?
    • It's clearly indicated on our reg. forms (in French !) : "There would be be no confirmation/call ! Except if you've been called/emailed, you're called at 8:30 am, at the first date you've proposed."

  • How should I dress for jumping?
    • In summer, short, T-shirt and baskets shoes. In spring or fall, a sportwear, baskets shoes and lights gloves. AVOID MOUNTAIN SHOES, HIGH BASKETS SHOES AND OTHER "RANGERS" WITH HOOKS !

  • Should I eat and/or drink before jumping?
    • Sure ! It's recommended to arrive "feeded" for jumping. However, avoid food to "heavy" and don't drink alcoolic beverage, at least 6 hours before jumping.

  • I'm called for 8:30 am. At what time would I jump?
    • This is a good question ! And the answer is : "Between 9:00 am et .... 8:00 pm!"
      Unfortunately, our activity depend of a lot of parameters (Weather, Air trafic control, Number of people on the DZ, etc.) we would know only at the last moment. We would try to reduce your "waiting time" at the minimum, but you should understand there is anytime "first" and "last".
      Skydiving is a sport requiring patience. Thanks to plan all the day for this activity and thanks to communicate that to your escort/fan's club!
      Remember, the beautifullest jumps are at the end of the day, for the sunset!

  • Friends would come to support me. Could they escort me?
    • Sure! Usually, take off and landing are on the same place. Your friends would see you borading the plane and landing ... under the canopy! Don't forget to tell them the "waiting rules" expressed here above!

  • Weather forcast are bad for the date I've choosed. How to know if the jumps would happend?
    • Call us at +4179 213 7138, but not before the evening before, after 8:00 pm. Don't call us Monday to know the weather of next Saturday, if we could answer this kind of question, we would make a lot of monney by presenting weather forcast in a TV show!

  • I've called at +4179 213 7138 and the message is old or tell nothing about the tomorrow activity. Should I come?
    • That can happend when the decision is clear (or there is a blue sky all over Europe, or it's raining/snowing like in England!) Just look outside!

  • I got a present voucher, but I lost it. How can I jump?
    • Just call our office. Whe keep trace of all the vouchers delivred.

  • I've jumped with an instructor and I don't remember his name. I want to send him a "thank's letter"/gift/big check/"love letter"... How to contact him?
    • You could "indentify" your "benefactor" on our "Trombinoscope". Then, send your "message" to our office. Whe would transmit it.

  • We are a group of 5 to jump. Could we be all together in the same plane ?
    • Unfortunatly no! With our Pilatus Porter, we can take only up to 4 tandems in the same "lift". If you're more than 4, you should split in different groups ...

  • We are 2 friends jumping together and we would be "pictured". The video option cost 120.- ... one half for each make 60.- / pers ?
    • You couldn't divide the price ! Even our video(wo)men are really good, they couldn't share themself in 2 and follow 2 tandems. Result : if you want 2 videos, you need 2 video(wo)men and the cost is 2 x 120.- ! ...

  • I have a GoPro (or other "micro camera"), can I bringt it with me attached on my head, my hand or anywhere else in my body ?
    • NO ! A tandem fall at about 200 km/h. With such speed, we can't accept you carry any accesories dangerous for you or for your tandem pilot. If you want a movie, ask for a specialist ! (And it's drived by safety spirit, not by commercial spirit !)

"The first jump? Really exciting and smooth...very big impressions!!?! Only
one problem : I want to do it every day..."
- Laszlo Woringer

"My first parachute jump was a great experience, which will be for ever engraved in my memory.
Many thanks to the team at Ecole Parachutisme de Chateau-d'Oex; I'll be back!"
- Friedrich Witschi

"50 seconds of adrenaline, 50 seconds full speed, 50 seconds of pure sensations!!!
8 minutes to discover the landscape, from above: a unique view!
Absolutely worth trying!!!"
- Helena Grillon

"Whooooo, it's better than sex !!!!"
- Anonymous (heard in the landing zone after the landing of a tandem pair ... and the passenger was a women !)

         Acknowledgements       © 2003 Ecole de parachutisme de Château-d'Oex Sàrl, Les Grand-Prés, "Chalet Parenthex", 1660 Château-d'Oex