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The day before the weekends, the # 026 921 2445 provides information - starting at 8 pm - about the school's activity.
If you have any questions, you can also reach us by e-mail at:

In the tandems column, if a date is marked with a *, it means that the activity is not insured. Call us!

For printing, download a PDF version (in French!) of our 2023 calendar.

This program may change during the year!

Date Drop Zone Tandems Club activities Remarks
April 7th Piscina (Italie)      Stage PAC No 1
April 8th
April 9th
April 10th
April 15th Gruyères  X  Safety Day + GA Club  Ouverture du terrain
April 16th  X    
April 29th Gruyères  X    
April 30th  X
May 6th Colombier  X    
May 7th  X
May 13th Gruyères  X  Breakfast + Scramble  
May 14th  X  
May 18th Piscina (Italie)    Ascension Course  Stage PAC No 2
May 19th
May 20th
May 21th  
May 27th Gruyères  X  Pentecost Course  Stage PAC No 3
May 28th  X
May 29th  X
June 10th Gruyères  X  Hit&Rock + Rock&Barbecue  
June 11th  X  
June 17th Colombier  X    
June 18th  X
June 24th Gruyères  X    
June 25th  X
July 8th Gruyères  X    Stage PAC No 4
July 9th  X
July 10th  X
July 11th  X
July 12th  X
July 13th  X
July 14th  X
July 22th Gruyères  X  Evening : Injump  
July 23th  X  
July 25th Yverdon    With Romandie Parachutisme  Boogie Skyvan
July 26th
July 27th
July 28th
July 29th
July 30th
August 5th Gruyères  X    Stage PAC No 5
August 6th  X
August 7th  X
August 8th  X
August 9th  X
August 10th  X
August 11th  X
August 12th Colombier  X    
August 13th  X
August 18th Gruyères  X  Evening : Ultimate Beer Jump  
August 19th  X  Evening : Safe Beer Jump
August 20th  X  
August 26th Colombier  X  With Romandie Parachutisme  Avec Para-Romandie
August 27th  X
September 2nd Colombier  X    
September 3rd  X
September 7th Gruyères  X    
September 8th  X  Film Festival !
September 9th    Complet pour les tandems
September 10th
September 23th Gruyères  X    
September 24th  X
September 30th Colombier  X    
October 1st  X
October 7th Gruyères  X    
October 8th  X
October 21th Gruyères  X  Fermeture du terrain
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