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The day before the weekends, the # 026 921 2445 provides information - starting at 8 pm - about the school's activity.
If you have any questions, you can also reach us by e-mail at:

In the tandems column, if a date is marked with a *, it means that the activity is not insured. Call us!

For printing, download a PDF version (in French!) of our 2021 calendar.

This program may change during the year!

Date Drop Zone Tandems Club activities Remarks
April 1st Perris (USA)    California Camp  Stage PAC No 1
April 2nd
April 3rd
April 4th
April 5th
April 6th
April 7th
April 8th
April 9th
April 10th
April 11th
April 12th
April 13th
April 14th
April 15th
April 16th
April 17th
April 18th
April 10th Gruyères  X  Opening Day  Ouverture du terrain
April 11th  X    
April 24th Gruyères  X    
April 25th  X
May 8th Gruyères  X    
May 9th  X
May 13th Piscina (Italie)    Ascension Course  Stage PAC No 2
May 14th
May 15th
May 16th
May 22th Gruyères  X  Pentecost Course  Stage PAC No 3
May 23th  X
May 24th  X
June 5th Gruyères  X    
June 6th  X
June 19th Gruyères  X    
June 20th  X
June 26th Colombier  X    
June 27th  X
July 3rd Gruyères  X    
July 4th  X
July 12th Gruyères  X    Stage PAC No 4
July 13th  X
July 14th  X
July 15th  X
July 16th  X
July 17th  X
July 18th  X
July 31th Gruyères  X    
August 1st  X
August 9th Gruyères  X    Stage PAC No 5
August 10th  X
August 11th  X
August 12th  X
August 13th  X
August 14th  X
August 15th  X
August 28th Gruyères  X    
August 29th  X
September 9th Gruyères  X    
September 10th Divers      Tour de Suisse
September 11th Gruyères  X    
September 12th  X
September 25th Gruyères  X    
September 26th  X
October 2nd Colombier  X    
October 3rd  X
October 9th Gruyères  X    
October 10th  X
October 16th Colombier  X    
October 17th  X
October 23th Gruyères  X  Closing Day  Fermeture du terrain
October 24th  X    
October 30th Colombier      Date réserve pour tandems
October 31th Colombier      Date réserve pour tandems
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