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General conditions

  • Except contrary opinion, you should be on the drop zone at 8:30am. It will be sent neither convocation, nor confirmation!
  • In the event of doubtful weather, you can call the 079 213 7138 who will inform you, the day before your jump AFTER 20:00 (8pm).
  • The minimum age to jump is 12 years. The minors must have the signed agreement of a legal representative.
  • For questions of organization, the school of parachuting of Château-d'Oex can modify the date and/or the place of the jump. In this case, the candidate will be informed as soon as possible.
  • The school of parachuting of Château-d'Oex and its monitors reserve the right to refuse the jump with a person whom they consider inapt. In this case, the finance of inscription is refunded.
  • If a candidate desists less than 7 days before the date planned for the jump, the registration is not refunded.
  • Instructors of the school of parachuting of Château-d'Oex reserve the right to decrease the altitude of dropping in the event of weather problems or techniques dependant by means of transport. This decision does not give right any refunding. On the other hand, if the jump must be cancelled, the candidate will be able to agree on a new date of jump or to ask for his full repayment.
Please block all day. Depending on the weather, the people and the air means, you can jump at 9am (resp. 1.30pm) as well as at ... 7pm!
Please inform the persons accompanying you about this point.
If you are not happy with this arrangement, please inform the secretariat IMMEDIATELY. We will refund your registration and remove you from the list of participants.
Any further complaints may result in a refusal to let you jumping, without compensation!

 I admit having taken knowledge of these general conditions and to accept them. *


We propose you two possibilities for the payment :
- Or with the payment server of  YellowPay , the secured site of  Post Finance  on which you can use the following cards : Visa  /  Mastercard  /  American Express  /  Postcard  or  Twint
- Or with 

If you don't want to use your credit card for paying through the Net, you can fill our "paper" registration form (in French) and pay on our postal account (CCP) :

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